A place where young adults with and without Autism 
can meet new friends and learn new skills

"I love working feeding animals and growing vegetables and flowers. I learn new things every day. I work  at Paulie's Greenhouse on Mondays. I go to Jean's Chicken Farm on Tuesdays and Fridays. On Thursdays I volunteer at Founder's Park in Augusta, New Jersey because I am becoming a Master Gardener. I take horseback riding lessons. I am learning cooking. I belong to the Awesome Club. I love to go to the Y for swimming. My teacher is teaching me body building so I can be strong like my Dad.

My aides David and Rachel are my friends and my drivers. They help me be independent. I have a lot to do.

I want to prove that people with Autism can do real work.

Life With Joy is MY house where I can live independently with my friends. I have pets. I love pruning in the garden and watering the plants. Dad is a great chef and he is teaching me. One day I will have a girlfriend and one day I will get married.

This is my dream - it is called Life With Joy. "

Arthur Kolb

     "As Arthur's parents, we celebrate who Arthur is - and set NO limits on who he can become. We developed Life With Joy for our son and his friends because we understand that adults with Autism continue to learn and grow after 21 and we wanted to create a safe, and joyful future where that learning could take place.

     Arthur loves to be outside. He loves animals. He loves Nature. He is capable of working, and especially capable of farming. Our goal was to use the attributes of his disability - and turn them in to assets. Arthur needs quiet to concentrate - give him a home in the country.  Arthur loves to dig - give him a shovel. Arthur loves to pick at small objects - give him a garden and let him pick the weeds. Arthur loves to mix and chop - put him in the kitchen and teach him to cook.

     We find that the more positive, real experiences we give him, the more he finds the words to speak more clearly. The more we can provide to stimulus - the more he can learn and grow'                                                                                                                                                  

                                                                       Susan and Gary Kolb

" At Life With Joy we believe there are no limits to what Adults with Autism can become. We see Arthur's growth every day. Without Life With Joy, he would sit on the floor and bang his head against the wall until his head was bloody. With the constant stimulation and attention we provide, we can see Arthur achieving all his dreams - a career in farming, friends, true love and the happiness of a full life."