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Get your very own Life With Joy Inc 2019 Calendar beautifully designed with love and purpose .

Help Life With Joy Inc. keep these programs going with your $20 Tax Deductible donation.

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Calendars are ready.

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Life With Joy Inc.

My name is Arthur Kolb

I am 24 years old and I have Autism but I can fight it

I live at the Life With Joy House in Sussex County New Jersey.

I learn farming and cooking.

I go to MMA, yoga and Conversation Class

I love music and I go to Drum Circle and "Shake Your Soul" Dance classes.

Most of all I love to dance and that's the truth.

One day we will have a big farm with chickens and a store and sell pies and cookies.

I want to have a girlfriend and a wife.

Please support Life With Joy to make my dream and the dreams of all my friends

come true.

Thank you


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