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A Great Party for a Great Cause -

Help us Build A Safe Haven Where Young Adults Can Learn Skills


There's a place in New Jersey where young adults with Autism get the same opportunities to develop skills, interests, and social contacts that we all enjoy.

Additionally its a place where they can live and be protected after their parents are gone.

But they need your help ...

The place is called Life With Joy Inc and they're having a fabulous get together on April1st.

If you have the means and the desire to help them accomplish this mission,

Go to for details.

Life With Joy Inc is proud to welcome Michael Korins. Diagnosed with autism at the age of three, Michael Korins communicates best thru music. His story is a true example of being “different not less”. Michael was the only vocalist in his school district to be invited to sing with the New York All-State Mixed Chorus in 2012. In 2015 Michael serenaded the bride and groom at a first-of-its-kind “All Autism” wedding that was covered by ABC, Fox News and People Magazine. Last year, Michael was invited to perform at “Autism’s Got Talent’ in London England. He is the only person from the US ever to be invited to perform at this show. You can follow Mike’s music at

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