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Virtual and In Person classes 

Attend Program at the Western Hills Christian Church or

Join us on Zoom

DDD Approved ZOOM Classes for adults of all abilities and disabilities.

First Class is free - just email and we will send you the code to enter the classes you are interested in.

Social Skills Class

Improve your communication skills with karaoke, virtual board games, and brain building activities


Strength Training and Mixed Martial Arts , Tai Chi, QiGong - No equipment needed .Train at home with Dave, Austin, Logan, and Stan

Virtual Cooking

Meet chefs, get an inside look at a virtual kitchen

learn the basics of knife skills, measuring, basic techniques including baking, beating, chopping, brining, roasting, braising, and frying .


Mindful Meditation, Stretching and Positive Energy

workout with yoga teacher and guide Sara Gallmann

Virtual Gardening

Meet farmers, take a virtual farm and garden tour, and get daily tips to use in your own home

just takes soil, seeds, and water to grow healthy herbs, vegetables and flowers

Mental Health

Journaling, Social Media and Self-Realization

Schedule a one on one hour or two each week to work on self-realization

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